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Yard Waste / Organics Collection Program

Program Description

Yard waste is collected on your normal collection day each week from April 1st to December 15th.  Yard waste must be fully contained within a:  30-gallon or smaller 2-ply kraft paper bag, 34-gallon or smaller personally owned yard waste container, or securely tied bundle.  All yard waste is subject to the following conditions:

  • Yard waste contained in plastic bags, boxes, or any other non-approved container will not be collected.

  • Organic food scraps (fruit, vegetables, grains, bread, cereal, coffee grounds, dairy, eggs and shells, pasta) may be mixed with yard waste.  Dispose of meat, poultry, fish, seafood and shells, or bones in trash.

  • Yard waste mixed with materials not accepted by the compost facility will not be collected.  Dispose of rocks, root balls, stumps, or "porch pots" in trash cart.

  • Yard waste bags, personal containers, or bundles must not exceed 50 pounds.  95-gallon subscription yard waste carts must not exceed 335 pounds.

  • Yard waste bundles must:  be securely tied with string or twine, not exceed 50 pounds in weight, 4 feet in length, or 2 feet in diameter.  Individual tree limbs, branches, or logs exceeding 4 inches in diameter will not be collected.

  • Loose yard waste will not be collected by LRS.  Click here or call (630) 365-9300 for information about the semi-annual bulk Brush Pick-up program provided by Campton Township Highway Department.

Non-subscription Yard Waste

Collection Program

This is a traditional, "pay-as-you-go" collection program which allows you to dispose of an unlimited volume of yard waste and organics each week during yard waste season.  This collection program requires one Service Sticker be affixed to each bag, personal yard waste container, or bundle set out for collection.  Service Stickers must be positioned so as to be easily and readily visible to the LRS driver.  Click here for information about Service Stickers.

Subscription Yard Waste Cart

Collection Program

This is an optional collection program which allows you to subscribe to a Yard Waste Cart for a fixed fee of $145.00 per year, pre-paid annually in advance of each yard waste season.  This fee includes:  use of a 95-gallon yard waste cart, initial distribution and final collection of the cart, weekly collection, and a weekly allowance for up to three additional yard waste bags, personal containers, or bundles without a Service Sticker.  A Service Sticker is required on each additional bag, personal container, or bundle above the weekly allowance.  Your potential savings through subscribing to this program could be as much as $630.00 per year.

Christmas Tree Collection Program

Two free Christmas tree collection days are provided, on your normal collection day, during the first, two full weeks of January, subject to the following requirements:

• Trees taller than 7 feet or weighing more than 50 pounds must be cut into 2 or more sections with each section not to exceed 4 feet in height or 50 pounds in weight;

• Only completely bare, live or natural trees, free of netting, rope or string, lights, decorations, or stands;

• Trees must not be enclosed within any wrapping, covering, bag, box, or container;

• Trees or tree sections must be placed with the stump end facing the roadway; and

• Artificial, live, or natural trees or tree sections not meeting these requirements will not be collected.


In addition to the above, all live or natural trees set out after the second free collection day must also:

• affix one Service Sticker to each tree.  Each tree cut into 2 or more sections only requires one Service Sticker.  Group tree sections together when disposing of more than one tree with one Service Sticker clearly visible on each grouping.

Disposal of other holiday decorations

Dispose of wreaths, garland, seasonal porch pots, artificial trees, or similar live or artificial decorations in the trash cart in any weekly collection.  Artificial trees that cannot be entirely contained within a trash cart with the lid closed will be treated as a bulk item subject to a maximum limit of 4-foot sections or 50 pounds in weight.  Normal Service Sticker requirements, based upon the size of your garbage cart, are applicable to artificial trees or artificial tree sections set out for bulk item collection.

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