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LRS Holidays


Sun, Jan 1 - New Year's Day (1)

Mon, May 29 - Memorial Day (1)

Tue, July 4 - Independence Day (2)

Mon, Sep 4 - Labor Day (1)

Thur, Nov 23 - Thanksgiving Day (2)

Mon, Dec 25 - Christmas Day (1)

Collection service will not take place on the day of any observed holiday listed above.

Please note:

  1. A holiday that falls on Sunday or Monday will be observed on Monday with service delayed by one day for that entire week.

  2. When a holiday falls on a weekday:

    • for collection days prior to the holiday, service will be on the normal collection day.

    • for collection days on or after the holiday, service will be delayed by one day.

  3. When a holiday falls on Saturday, there will be no change to the normal collection day.

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