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Collection Day Map

LRS performs once per week collection services to all subscribing residential customers in Campton Township, with the exception of the incorporated areas of the Village of Elburn and the City of Elgin within Campton Township.

The Township is divided into five collection zones with one zone for each workday.  Please refer to the map which is labeled and color coded for each workday zone.  The zone in which your residence is located will determine which workday your residence will receive collection services.

All items set out for collection must be placed curbside no later than 6:00 AM on your collection day to ensure service.  The collection time at your home is not guaranteed and may vary due to:  traffic, weather, work load, scheduling of personnel, equipment breakdown, or other unforeseeable reasons.

Please note:  the major roads indicated in black on the map also serve as zone boundaries in certain areas of the Township.  All residences with an address on either side of these roads will receive collection services on the same day.

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