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Recycling Program

Program Description

One recycle cart and weekly collection is included with each of the Base Service Options.  This program operates as a "single stream" service which means all of your recycle materials may be mixed together within your LRS recycle cart.  LRS is prohibited from offering a recycle only collection service.

For your household recycling needs you may select from a:  35, 65, or 95-gallon recycle cart.  Additional recycle cart rental is $3.00 per cart, per month.

There is no restriction or limit on the amount of recycle material LRS will collect each week provided the material you set out for collection is acceptable for recycling and within an LRS cart or personally owned container for collection.  Your LRS recycle cart must always be filled first.  After the LRS cart is full, additional recycle materials may be set out for collection in a personally owned container provided it has two handles and a lid, is not greater than 34-gallons, and is clearly marked "recycle" for the LRS driver.  A Service Sticker is not required on a personally owned container used for recycle.

To prevent litter all recycle materials must be in a LRS cart or personally owned container.  Except for flattened cardboard boxes, no loose recycle material will be collected.  Recycle material placed within plastic bags of any type or size will not be collected.

Unacceptable Materials

Any other material not clearly listed on this page as an Acceptable Material.  Any material or container that is not empty and rinsed free of product residue or other contaminants.

Food, all liquids, sanitary waste, Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, Medical Waste, Sharps, or prescription drugs.

Electronics, all batteries, light bulbs, fluorescent light tubes, or small appliances.

All plastic bags, plastic film, stretch/shrink wrap, cushion wrap, or packaging peanuts.

Hose / tubing, cords / cables, rope / string / line, string lights, chain, wire, or hangers.

Shredded paper.

Textiles, fabric, clothing, shoes, drapes, bedding.

Window glass, mirrors, decorative glass, crystal, mixed colored glass, or broken glass.

Dishes, glasses, serveware, Pyrex, or ceramics.

Unacceptable Materials may have other recycle options listed in the Kane County Green Guide.

Acceptable Materials


All recycle materials or containers must be empty, not contain any liquid, and rinsed free of product residue or other contaminants.

ALUMINUM:  cans, bottles, foil, pie plates, and trays.

CARDBOARD/CHIPBOARD/PAPERBOARD:  egg cartons, boxes (beverage, cereal, cracker, tissue, shoe, gift, shipping), and cardboard tubes.

CARTONS:  food and drink cartons.

GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS:  all colors acceptable.

PAPER:  grocery bags, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phone books, junk mail, brochures, envelopes, office paper, fax paper, computer print outs, file folders, index cards, greeting cards, paperback books (no hardcover).

PLASTIC CONTAINERS:  bottles, tubs, jugs, or jars that contained: food, soap, detergent, cleaners, or health and beauty products.

STEEL / TIN CANS AND LIDS:  food, soup, and vegetable.

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