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Bulk Item Collection Program

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Program Description

The Bulk Item Collection Program is designed to provide you with a way to easily dispose of your bulky or oversized household items, such as:  beds, box springs, mattresses, sofas, furniture, fixtures, or furnishings.  The following items generally may be disposed of in your waste cart but will be treated as a Bulk Item when it is unable to fit entirely within your waste cart with the lid closed:  vacuum cleaners, fans, BBQ grills, patio heaters, pool heaters or filters, water softeners or brine tanks, garbage disposals, kitchen exhaust hoods, lawn mowers or other gasoline powered equipment.

Please note:  All mattresses must be enclosed in a plastic mattress cover or be completely covered in plastic for health and safety reasons. Plastic mattress covers are available at hardware stores and other retail outlets like Walmart and Target.

Bulk items are collected on your normal weekly collection day.


One Service Sticker must be affixed to each bulk item if you have either a 35-gallon or 65-gallon waste cart.  If you have a 95-gallon waste cart you may set out one bulk item per week without a Service Sticker; each additional bulk item you set out the same week will require one Service Sticker.  Click here for additional information on Service Stickers.

The Bulk Item Collection Program will not accept:

  • Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, or Medical Waste

  • e-Waste, including televisions   Click here for the e-Waste Collection Program

  • Propane cylinders

  • Oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, or batteries within discarded power equipment

  • White Goods   Click here for the White Goods Collection Program

Please note:  a Special Collection will need to be scheduled and an additional fee will apply to any bulk item that is:

  • too heavy to be lifted by the LRS driver, or

  • too large to fit in the collection truck bucket.

Contact LRS at (844) 633-3577 for pricing and to schedule a day and time for a special collection.

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