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Seasonal Service Stop Program

Program Description

A Seasonal Service Stop (SSS) is offered to residents, who will be away from home for a minimum of one month and for a maximum of six months during a twelve month period of time, to be able to place an active account, in good standing, on a temporary collection service hold.  Multiple SSS's are permitted,  provided each SSS is a minimum of one month and the combined total length of all SSS's does not exceed six months in a twelve month period of time.

During a SSS your normal, monthly rate for waste cart collection service will be replaced by a $5.36 per month SSS fee.  All other account fees and charges will continue during a SSS.  Billing adjustments at the beginning and end of a SSS will be pro-rated by week, with a week beginning on Sunday and ending on Saturday.

To start a SSS you must provide a written request; notify LRS
either by e-mail or a letter sent certified U.S. Mail.  Your request must be received by LRS at least seven business days prior to the date your SSS is to begin.

To resume weekly collection service, you must notify LRS by phone (844) 633-3577 and provide a written follow-up request by either e-mail or standard U.S. Mail.  Your request to resume service must be received by LRS the week prior to the week your SSS is to end and at least three business days prior to your normal collection day, as follows:

  • Monday - no later than Wednesday of the week prior;

  • Tuesday - no later than Thursday of the week prior; or

  • Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday - no later than Friday of the week prior.

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